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Chad from Atlanta asks:
You list the ISS8 as capable of handle 140 watts RMS "per" Channel if no load balancing. So the unit is capable of 8 x 140 watts = 1120 watts/channel in aggregate input. Within that, is it a HARD limit PER CHANNEL of 140 watts if only a few channels are used? For example, if I was NEVER going to use more than 2 channels (2 Pairs of 8 Ohms speakers), could this unit handle 400 watts RMS PER Channel being fed to it from a High Current Amp? Assume two pair of SAME speakers, so the LOAD would be IDENTICAL and evenly distributed on each pair. 400/2 = 200 watts to speaker channel on selector 1, 200 watts to speaker channel on selector 2. This exceeds the 140 watt per channel spec, but is well under the 1120 watt aggregate input I could feed if I had 8 identical pairs running x 140 watts/channel number.

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