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Jim Gaydusek from Elgin, IL asks:
I bought a pair of outdoor speakers from you quite a few years ago and they have exceeded my expectations year after year. I have them mounted on fences on opposite sides of my yard, separated by about 80' of lawn and powered up from my stereo inside the house. I used direct burial cable and I take them inside when we no longer sit outside for the winter months. My neighbor just had his fence replaced and the crew showed up when I wasn't home and without notice; they were less than gentle with the speaker removal and left it lay face down in the garden. I went to re-install it on the new fence and discovered that they managed to unscrew the 5 way connector so now, the positive connection is out of the speaker (see photo). I have several questions: Can I fix this terminal? If not, are the AP650 speakers comparable to what I have? Are the banana plugs you show rated for direct outdoor exposure to the elements (the speakers are not covered)? Thank you and regards, Jim Gaydusek

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