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GM from Los Angeles, CA asks:
My family room was custom-wired for 2 pair of indoor and 1 pair of outdoor/patio speakers to play off of an indoor receiver. I've recently added another pair of outdoor speakers and will be adding an outdoor receiver to be its source. So from the patio standpoint, I have: A pair of speaker wires coming from my indoor receiver (we'll call these Speaker A). A pair of speaker wires coming from my (soon to be) outdoor receiver (for Speaker B). Thus I have 2 pairs of patio speakers (Speakers A & B). Would this SSVC6D 6, or another device you'd recommend allow me to switch Speaker A's audio source between the indoor and outdoor receivers? It would be nice to listen to the outdoor receiver thru all (4) patio speakers, yet not lose the ability to switch over to my indoor receiver despite it only coming from 1 pair of speakers (Speaker A) at the touch of a button. Hope I didn't confuse you.

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